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Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction,and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.
- Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew 7:13-14)
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"Showing how to think, not what to think - about the Bible."
Donations & Ministry Finances
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Questions? E-mail them to Donate@TheNarrowPath.com • Thank you for helping to keep Steve on the air!
There are two separate financial concerns related to keeping “The Narrow Path” going as a ministry to the body of Christ.

First is the support for the radio program. Like most Christian programs, we purchase air time from radio stations so that the broadcast can be heard in their coverage areas. We have no sponsors or underwriters, and we have nothing for sale through our radio broadcast or our website. Everything we provide is without charge to the end-user. Also, we do not have a newsletter or any fund-raising apparatus. No one receives any requests for support from us in their mailboxes. A simple receipt for gifts to the ministry is sent to donors four times a year. Your mailbox receives enough junk mail without our adding to the problem! The same applies to email. We do not send any fund appeals by any means to our public—nor, of course, do we give out our donors’ names to other organizations.

We meet expenses as the Lord provides through free-will contributions from those who appreciate this ministry. Every contribution made through Paypal, or by check made out to “The Narrow Path,” goes entirely to paying the costs associated with the ministry, such as our monthly payments to radio stations and to the carrier who provides the 800-number service. There are no paid employees, and no overhead costs (e.g., no office, no staff, no studio). Our current commitments for air time cost us in excess of $32,000 per month.

Contrary to common policies in the Christian radio industry, we will not incur ministry debt, but see God’s provision, or lack thereof, as the indicator that He wants the ministry to continue. Therefore, we pay stations in advance each month for the time we have contracted to use, rather than paying afterward. If we ever cannot pay in advance for a given month on a given station, we will stop broadcasting on that station, rather than to incur debt to this ministry.

When and if there is a surplus of income, above monthly expenses, the money is applied to securing air time on additional radio stations, or to something similarly related to the direct expansion of the radio/internet ministry (e.g., the purchase of broadcast equipment, etc.).

The second issue is the matter of Steve’s personal finances. Steve takes no salary or remuneration for any of the work done on the radio or the website. He does not charge for his various speaking engagements, and often travels at his own expense. He does receive about a dollar per copy sold of his books, as a royalty payment from Thomas Nelson Publishers. Nothing donated to The Narrow Path goes toward Steve’s private or family expenses.

Steve’s personal income is derived from a variety of sources. The primarily source is through unexpected gifts in the mail, followed by speaker honoraria, book royalties, etc.

In the past, whenever such sources of income were not available or adequate, Steve has taken regular wage-employment in secular jobs (though this has not been the case since 1983). Steve’s availability to do the radio broadcasts is, therefore, dependant upon his ability to meet his financial obligations without getting a “real job”—something he will do whenever necessary, as he will not incur personal debt either.

Through these various means, the Lord has provided for Steve to support his family and raise five children in a no-frills, debt-free lifestyle, for more than four decades. Steve does not believe in charging or receiving a salary for any type of ministry performed, nor does he believe in soliciting personal donations, or letting anyone but God know what his current needs may be. The latter is a conviction gleaned from early influence of George Mueller, Hudson Taylor, and Rees Howells. Gifts to Steve for his personal support are not tax-deductible to the donor.

Management of the website, the Bible Forum, and the podcast ministry are all provided by various volunteers: Frank Deremer, Timothy Pearson, James Cateno, Mark and Christine DeVries; John and Lisa Kent; Jarrod Baumann; and Christopher Arndt, respectively. These are busy parents of young families, who quietly serve as volunteers, behind the scenes, in their “free time,” without remuneration. The ministry has also benefited greatly from the volunteered services of Tom Curran, Donald Cooper, and many others. Those who appreciate and benefit from this ministry are greatly indebted to these zealous and humble servants.